The Bacon Review was a literary journal published from 2011 - 2016 by editors Jason Barry and Eric Westerlind, with help in the early and later stages from Will Mitchell, Jessica Horn, Timothy Smith, and Derek James.

These PDFs are the archived pieces accepted at various points throughout the tenure of the mag, in hopes the contributors can continue to get read. They are sorted alphabetically by author first name.

Thanks again to everyone for the wonderful literary adventure.
Adam Moorad
Anton Frost
Ali Akhyari
Allan Johnston
Amie Sharp
Bibhu Padhi
Biranel Thaoms
Brett Busang
Bruce Bond
Bruce Holbert
Camasin Middour
Chelsea Debret
Darren Demaree
David Feaman
David Anthony Sam
David Wolf
Emily Eckart
Harley Lethalm
Isaac Boone Davis
James Grinwis
Jamie Grefe
Jan Wiezorak
Jennifer Sherba
John T. Elliott
Joseph Saling
Joseph Spece
Joy Roulier Sawyer
Kaitlyn Tiffany
Kara Carlson
Katarina Boudreaux
Kenneth Warren
Kristien Hemmerechts
Kyle Manning
Lee Passarella
Liam Moriarty
Linda DeCicco
LindaAnn Loschiavo
Mariela Griffor
Mark Jacobs
Matthew Kirshman
Melanie Braverman
Melissa Stephens
Michael Aliprandini
Michael Lee Johnson
Michelle Nickol
Mikael Bouckaert
Mike Murray
Mitchell Grabois
Nandini Bhattacharya
Neil Carpathios
Nels Hanson
Nils Michals
Pablo Armando Fernandez
Paul Hostovsky
Penelope L. Mace
Radhika Singh
Riley Paterson
Robert Detman
Robert Earle
Robert McKean
Robert Parham
Rosebud Ben-Oni
Roy Bentley
S. Craig Renfroe Jr.
Scott Pomfret
Scott Rooker
Seth James
Shibani Chattopadhyay
Simon Perchik
Sinta Jimenez
Stephanie Adams-Santos
Stephen Graham Jones
Timothy Vincent
Tina M. Johnson
Thomas Piekarski
Tom Nolan
Trevor Dodge
Tyler Dempsey